Become a Data Analytics Professional

Jobs concerned with data anlytics have become prominent in the market today. Data is actually generated every day, every hour, every minute and every second due to which workflow in this realm is heavy. Therefore, enterprises look for data savvy professionals to control such huge amount of data.

You need to be an adept developer and an expert engineer as building a career in this field is a struggle yet highly rewarding. The basic skills required to become a Big Data Developer are:

Skills to become Big data

Problem Solving Aptitude
With evolution of new technologies, big data is emerging everyday. Therefore, it is necessary to have problem-solving skills which use different tools and techniques.

Data Visualization
Big data can have different forms namely unstructured and semi structured, which is not easy to comprehend. The use of data visualization tools like Tableau can be helpful if your business data has diversity and quantity.

Machine Learning
In this field of growing volumes and varieties of data, it is essential to have automatic analysis capabilities which produce fast and accurate results.

Data Mining
It is a critical skill to maneuver data and derive insights from unstructured data. It needs patience to assess and determine relevant information from all the unnecessary and repetitive data.

Statistical Analysis
You are close to becoming a big data professional if you’re good in quantitative reasoning and have mathematics or statistics background. You can improve your skills using statistical tools like SAS, Matlab or Stata.

Working with databases and a good knowledge of query language is an integral part of analytics. You should be proficient in SQL and NoSQL which are used for data simplification.

General Purpose Programming
It is essential to know at least one programming language to conduct numerical and statistical analysis with massive data sets.

Apache Hadoop
Hands-on experience of Hadoop is essential to become a successful Big Data Developer. Hive, Flume, HBase and YARN are some other related technologies.

Apache Spark
Spark is an indispensable technology for big data processing developed around speed, ease of use and sophisticated analytics. It provides enhanced functionality and supports the deployment of Spark applications in an existing Hadoop v1 cluster, Hadoop v2 YARN cluster or Apache Mesos.

Understanding of Business
The objective of domain expertise is to empower Big Data Developers to analyze and process big data in order to find solutions for effective business growth.

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