About Wiley

Wiley is a 210 year old market leader in Research and Though Leadership Publication and has been Official Publisher for 478  Noble Laureates and has been the market leader for Technology and Business Leadership. A global leader, Wiley has been successfully bringing out the thoughts and research to the larger mass with the aim to trigger the larger mass with ideas and thoughts. With its successful stint of producing quality content and work, Wiley has made its place among the most receptive minds across the globe and is recognized by Leaders across the globe.  Wiley’s brand cuts through geographies to inspire readers and researchers.

Wiley is one of the world’s oldest and most recognized publishing houses with a rich heritage spanning over 200 years. 

About QAI

With over 30 years of Thought Leadership, QAI is Global Standard in Training and Corporate transformation. Over the last 30 years QAI has partnered with over 300 clients for various Operational Excellence engagements. These clients include organisations ranging from 20 people to 20000 people in over 30 countries.

QAI has Certified over 40000 professionals from over 135 countries across the globe. For it’s excellence in imparting the transformation and building the global frame work QAI has been Conferred industry recognized awards for the software industry . 

Wiley | QAI Collaboration – Our Philosophy

Bringing together the History and Legacy, we look forward to enable the Analytics transformation among the professional across the globe. 



Why Wiley | QAI Course and Certification:



6500+ Trained | 1500 Certified | Validated by Industry Leaders | Global Wiley Framework and Learning Ecosystem | Building strong industry connect and recognition 


 Wiley and QAI believe in Outcome based learning and have built the Industry accredited curriculum and Competency Intensive Certification for professionals who want to build a career in Data Science and Analytics. We don’t offer theoretical knowledge but learning solution that leads user towards competency outcome.