The 210 year legacy

This is age of new skills and continuous upgrade to your current skills. Even with univ degrees you need to engage in deep and continuous learning. Wiley believes in continuous learning across career arc and so has mapped emerging skills across career framework. Various other options to learn but remember learning without application and engagement is not going to lead to anything
Invest in yourself – building your reputation as expert is highest form of career insurance

About QAI

Having trained over 50,000 professionals across domain for new age technology, QAI has World’s most recognised trainers who will help you learn the new age skills.

About Wiley

The 210 year history of building globally recognized content and the legacy of building new age technology content for aspirants across the globe.


Our Vision

Our Vision to help professionals across the globe transform to the new age skills to help them excel in their career.

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The Journey So Far

Wiley prides itself in being the global benchmark in certifying professionals for their excellenece and skill competence. Endorsed by Industry leaders, the performance of Wiley’s certificate holders is the proof of Wiley’s training and certification.

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